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We need to be candid about immigration

Telegraph View: Britain must have an honest and open discussion about immigration that addresses the public’s social and cultural concerns. By Telegraph View Published: 7:17AM BST 28 Jun 2010 Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will today announce a cap on … Continue reading

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Scientists invent first male contraceptive pill

Scientists have developed the worlds male alternative to the female contraceptive pill.   Published: 6:21AM BST 28 Jun 2010 Until now all attempts to develop a male pill have failed with scientists working on a contraceptive jab for men given … Continue reading

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Barack Obama to replace Gen McChrystal with Gen Petraeus over Rolling Stone comments

President Barack Obama has sacked Gen Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan, over comments made in a magazine interview.   By Toby Harnden in Washington Published: 6:38PM BST 23 Jun 2010 In what could become a defining moment for … Continue reading

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I admit it: I was wrong to have supported Barack Obama

Barack Obama on his Inauguration Day with George W. Bush (Photo: EPA) In three and a half years of blogging, this has been my single most unpopular post. There’s little point, I know, in reminding readers that my support for … Continue reading

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Helen Thomas, Turkey, and the Liberation of Israel

The world cares deeply about refugees, disputed territory, and divided cities — when Israel is involved. Otherwise, otherwise. It is hard to become much more influential than the doyen of the White House press corps, who is given a ceremonial … Continue reading

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American Way: why Republican smiles are not as broad as they might be

These should be happy days for the Republican Party. The Democrats are in charge and the country is going to rot. Jobless numbers refuse to move down, while the oil slick off the south coast refuses to stop spreading. By … Continue reading

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Chinese farmer declares war on property developers with homemade wheelbarrow cannon

A Chinese farmer is fighting off property developers who want his land, firing rockets from a homemade cannon made out of a wheelbarrow and pipes, state media said on Tuesday.   Published: 1:31PM BST 08 Jun 2010 The rockets, which … Continue reading

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