Belgium Police Track Bulgarian Student Attackers

Crime | April 2, 2010, Friday

Belgium Police Track Bulgarian Student Attackers: Belgium Police  Track Bulgarian Student Attackers
The Police in Brussels are on the lookout for a group of people, who perpetrated a vicious attack on a Bulgarian student. Photo by BGNES

The Federal Police are searching for the perpetrators of a vicious attack on a Bulgarian student in Brussels, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports citing and

The attack took place 3 months ago in the “Porte de Namur” metro station in Brussels. The Belgium police had published a videotape from the security camera showing the attack on the 22-year-old student. The police further issued an appeal to all witnesses of the incident to come forward.

The victim, who has been in Brussels for an internship, had been attacked inside the metro station by a group of young people. After severely beating the Bulgarian, the perpetrators threw him over the railing to the train tracks and left. The young man survived due to alert passengers, who were able to pull him out moments before a train arrived at the station.

Both Belgium sites have uploaded the video, noting the footage shows incredible cruelty and the fact the group is known for a series of such attacks.

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