Tories favour a cap on immigration. Great!

Three quarters of Tory candidates want to renegotiate UK’s relationship with EU


By Damian Thompson Politics Last updated: February 24th, 2010

Friday’s New Statesman carries a ComRes poll that will make interesting reading for David Cameron. Three quarters of his prospective parliamentary candidates want to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with Europe “as a matter of priority”. And 91 per cent favour a cap on immigration. Meanwhile, only 28 per cent believe that the next government should legislate to make people behave in a “greener” way.

I like the sound of these candidates. “The survey shows that the shadow of Margaret Thatcher still looms large over the Tories only weeks before a general election,” shudders the New Statesman. Great!

More details:

The exclusive poll of 101 Tory hopefuls shows that nine in ten want to tackle the Budget deficit with cuts in public spending rather than increases in taxation – and six in ten want the Tories’ inheritance-tax cut (which gifts £1.2bn to the top 2 per cent of wealthiest estates) raised immediately. Meanwhile, a third of the respondents cite Margaret Thatcher as their political hero … Twenty per cent of PPCs seek the return of the death penalty.

However, the majority of PPCs share with David Cameron a socially liberal streak. Three-quarters of those polled believe that the government should treat civil partnerships between homosexual couples in the same way as it does heterosexual married couples.

Gay-friendly Eurosceptics who want to cut the public sector, curb immigration and are sick of Green social engineering? Sounds like a pretty good description of public opinion to me.



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